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Trash or Treasure?

Trash or Treasure? is the powerful story of Kara Sanderson’s journey to find her worth in Jesus after suffering a lifetime of rejection, childhood sexual abuse, and dancing with thoughts of suicide. In this book, Kara walks you through her story, sharing lessons she learned, provides Biblical teaching, and shares practical steps to begin your healing process.

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About Kara's Memoir

Trash or Treasure?

Although I have never aspired to be a published author, in obedience to the Lord, I wrote a memoir of my journey from suicidal thoughts to healing, from feeling worthless and tempted to commit suicide to a wonderful revelation of all of our worth in Christ. 

I am passionate about seeing everyone heal from shattered hearts and see captives set free! 

I am on a mission for this book to reach 1.7M+ hands which will ultimately reach 1.7M+ hearts.

Why 1.7M+? Because according to the CDC website, 1.7M adults attempted suicide in 2021.

Will you help me reach 1.7M+?  You can help by sharing on all your social platforms.

I appreciate your help!

Kara Sanderson

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